Pralus Le 100 % Dark Chocolate Bar

The ultimate in cocoa content and for the strict, extreme bitter chocolate lovers. This 100% cacao, pure dark chocolate single origin chocolate bar uses only fine flavour, Criollo cocoa from Madagascar.

Tasting Notes: Fresh nose, slightly minty and fruity, delicate to the taste, slightly acid.

From Pralus:

Our 100 % bar is chocolate in its purest form. This means it has no sugar added, it's pure cocoa paste. Made from the same high quality cocoa beans as our Madagascar bar (Sambirano valley), the extra long conche time gives roundness and lusciousness to this ultra high percentage bar.

Price: $9.95

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Product Features
  • 100g/3.5oz
  • 100% Cocoa Content
  • Containing no sugar so also suitable for diabetics.

Product Ingredients

Cocoa, Pure Cocoa Butter

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