Cocktail Bitters

Bitters are to drinks and cocktails what salt is to food. Just a few dashes unites flavors and brings depth and complexity to your cocktail or drink without overwhelming it.

Classic, aromatic cocktail bitters like Angostura or Peychauds are an integral part of traditional drinks like the Manhattan or the Sazerac. In the past decade, a craft cocktail movement has exploded. A wave of amazing producers focusing on small batch, artisan bitters have created their own unique and interesting flavors and expanded the horizon of what is possible. They're fun, and often focus on individual flavor profiles, including cardamom, wormwood, Thai spice, bacon bitters, and ginger bitters.

Adam Elmegirab - AKA Boker’s Bitters, Adam Elmegirab is a bartender and bitters producer from the United Kingdom. “Doctor” Adam Elmegirab completes every stage of production himself, from infusion to bottling, for a truly handcrafted product.