Kauai Guava - Hawaiian Smoked Salt

Kauai Guava is a mild and sweet smoked salt that makes a wonderful addition to rices dishes, fruit salads, soft cheeses and dairy, all meats, and full-bodied seafoods.

Do you like crackling-juicy barbecue? Do you like bacon? No? Skip this salt. Yes? Read on. Kauai Guava smoked salt from Hawaii has warm, deep flavors that hover between meatiness and fire, between the animalian flavors of the living world and the eternal brightness of the elements. This is a beautiful Hawaiian smoked salt that is dried by the sun and hand-harvested, then lovingly smoked slow and low over Kauai's native guava wood. It has fractured crystals and a low moister content.

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Taster: 1.2 oz.:Small: 2.7 oz.; Medium: 7.9 oz.; Large: 13.5 oz.

Small Bag: 9.8 oz.; Large Bag: 32 oz.

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