Kona Deep - Hawaiian Sea Salt

Moist, fractured crystals with balanced fruit-fresh flavor reminiscent of an elegant Champagne. Best on steamed or sauteed vegetables, seafood, and pork--and did I say seafood? We spent a week on Kauai, and Kona Deep Sea salt was virtually the only seasoning we used at the grill, morning noon and night. The freshest Ahi tuna, Enenue, Opah, Akule.... Simply put, its a true Hawaiian salt, one worthy of the Pacific's greatest fish dishes. Kona is also a great salt for cocktail rims, fruit pies, and dissolved into a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Kona Deep Sea salt is harvested from the Kona District of Hawaii.

From the manufacturer: Origin of Deep Seawater: For over one thousand years in the cold seas of the Polar Regions, dense, salt-rich water develops and sinks as sea ice has formed.

Earth’s Major Global Currents of cold-water origin flow and migrate through the Pacific Basin, delivering the ancient deep seawater just offshore of Kona, Hawaii.

Getting to the Deep Seawater: Depths exceeding 2200 feet (670 meters) below the ocean surface require a pipeline 6284 feet long (2060 meters)and 40-inches (1.02 meters) in diameter to bring water onshore.

Pathogen-Free: Our deep seawater is well below the turbulent mixing layer of the sea. At such depths, without sunlight and very cold temperatures, there is no primary productivity and fewer living organisms.

Clean - Even at the Surface: Clear surface waters above our deep seawater source are rated Class AA by the Hawaii State Department of Health; they are essentially unaffected by human influences and surface pollution.

Pure artisan Salt: Upon arrival the seawater is carefully directed to the protection of enclosed salt houses to dry naturally, using only the warming heat of the Hawaiian sun.

Hand Harvested: A process free from mechanical and chemical processing, the brilliant white crystals are traditionally hand-harvested, inspected and hand-cleaned to exacting standards.

Lower Sodium & Nutrient Rich: Naturally balanced Kona Sea Salt has up to 48% less sodium than table salt, and it is significantly higher in non-sodium chloride salts that include healthy essential minerals.

Our Time-Honored Nigari Production: Nigari is a rich, saturated liquid essential to tofu making. It forms naturally during salt production as solar evaporation slows and eventually proceeds no further in our natural drying process. We allow our nigari to slowly drain, and collect it during the final days of open-air drying.

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