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Exotic Salt Set - 2oz Jars

This set presents a triumvirate of salts infused with flavors that are not just delicious; they are foundations upon which entire meals can be made. If you'd like your salt set in a beautiful flip-top basket tied off with ribbon, add this basket to your purchase. The set includes the following salts:

  • Saffron Salt - Saffron blended exemplifies the extraordinary power of salt to capture both the complexity and intensity of aromas and flavors--especially nice for the subtle and fine flavors of saffron. Try it on fish, rice, sauces, and (a favorite secret), Bloody Marys
  • Black Truffle Salt - This is the most cost-effective way to keep truffles in your diet. Truffle salt exemplifies the extraordinary power of salt to capture both the complexity and intensity of aromas and flavors. Our truffle salt brings the heady richness of fresh black summer truffles to anything your heart desires, from eggs in the morning to fettuccini at night.
  • Iburi-jio Cherry - — Iburi Jio Cherry smoked sea salt displays a beautiful beige color with a full, smoked bacon aroma and flavor. The base of this smoked salt is premium quality sea salt that is made from labor- and time-intensive production processes—collecting unpolluted, deep sea water from off shore of the Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture in northern Japan, and slowly crystallizing the salt in a large pot over a wood burning fire for three days. The resulting sea salt is rich in minerals—magnesium, calcium, potassium, and many, many more—thus its flavor is complex and round. Iburi Jio Cherry is perfect as a condiment to accompany such traditional Japanese fare as tempura, sashimi and grilled seafood, chicken and meat dishes. Adding it to soups, braised or simmered dishes both in Japanese and Western preparations requiring salt surely adds unique flavor to those dishes. American style barbecue meat preparations are ideal for using Iburi Jio Cherry, while its sweet-smokiness makes it very apt for all types of chocolate and dessert.

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Product Features
  • Three 2oz jars with glass tops

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