The Meadow Foundation Salt Set

A tool box of natural sea salts for every kitchen!

The right salt used the right way reveals the full flavor potential of every food you eat. The Meadow’s Foundation Set gives you the three salts at the heart of our shared culinary traditions, the essential foundation for salting every dish to perfection, whether you are a home cook or a professional chef. This set comes with brochure that describes each salt and the their respective roles in cooking.

  • The Meadow Fleur de Sel - 40oz bag – The Meadow Fleur de Sel is hand harvested from solar-evaporated salt ponds by skimming just the finest crystals. Made in Guatemala from salt pans famed for supplying the Mayan Empire at the height of its power, the salt has delicate crystals, luscious moisture, satisfying crunch, and a rich, balanced mineral taste. Like any fleur de sel, it's generally the best salt for finishing delicate to medium-bodied foods ranging from Caprese salad, to cooked vegetables, eggs, and fish - even leaner meats like pork, game beef fillet, etc.
  • The Meadow Flake Salt - 8oz Jar - Water from the Mediterranean Sea is carefully crystallized in a greenhouse to form massive pyramidal flakes. Shards of these luminous white crystals deliver a counterpoint of sparkling pungency to salads, raw crunchy vegetables, poached and roasted fruit, hearty soups, and even chocolate chip cookies. The Meadow Flake is the also the ultimate cocktail rimming salt for a Margarita or a Salty Dog.
  • Sel Gris Noirmoutier - 8oz Jar - This Sel Gris has the highest mineral content of finishing salts anywhere. It is great on meats, cheeses, and even desserts. It is also ideal for roasting, boiling pasta water, and recipes where dissolving the large crystals is not a problem.

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Product Features
  • Includes an eight page brochure describing each salt and its uses
  • Includes an 8oz jar of Sel Gris, an 8oz jar of Flake Salt, and a 2.5lb bag of Meadow Fleur de Sel

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