Salt Starter Set - 2oz Jars

The Meadow’s Salt Starter Set is a set of six gourmet salts that illustrate the fundamentals of using finishing salt in practical as well as playful use. If you'd like your salt set in a beautiful flip-top basket tied off with ribbon, add one to your order and we'll wrap it for you.

It includes six high quality gourmet salts, chosen for their refined flavor, beauty, versatility, and high standards of production. Our starter sets are the best way to explore finishing salts, whether you are a veteran chef, or have never even heard of finishing salt before, or both!

Our Finishing Starter Set includes six artisan salts:

  • The Meadow Fleur de Sel
  • Sel Gris de Noirmoutier
  • Maldon Flake Sea Salt
  • Turkish Black Pyramid Salt
  • Molokai Red Sea Salt
  • Kauai Guava Smoked Salt

All sets include our Introduction to Artisan Salt Guide (PDF). Also check out our Guide to Types of Gourmet Salt

Price: $54.00

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Product Features
  • Six different Sea Salts from around the world
  • Includes a brochure with detailed explanations of each salt and suggested uses
  • Designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of Finishing Salts

Product Info

6 salts in 2oz (by vol.) Meadow glass jars with glass lids

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