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Salt Starter Set - 1oz Tins

Our Starter Set of six gourmet sea salts in convenient 1oz tins is ideal for anyone exploring artisan salt for the first time, and perfect as a gift! If you'd like your salt set in a beautiful flip-top basket tied off with ribbon, add one to your order and we'll wrap it for you.

Each set includes everything you need to begin using salt to achieve great new heights of flavor in your food. Sets include three "foundation salts"--salts that represent the major important ways that different types of salt crystals behave on food. Each set also includes three beautiful, exotic salts that illustrate the playful and unconventional side of using great salt. Salt sets also include an in-depth that accompanies you on the exploration of how to finish food with salt--hence the term "finishing salt."

This is everything you need to try gourmet salt with your own cooking.

Look at each salt up close, admiring the extraordinary range of shapes and colors, noting how they refract, reflect, or obscure light. Touch them, feeling the crests and edges, letting your fingers snap flakes or crunch chunks, plunging a spoon through a glistening mound of it. Then of course you taste them, and with every dish comes a new discovery as infinite variations of mineral contents and moisture contents and crystal structures and crystal sizes combine in your mouth along with the flavors, textures, and aromatics of your food.

Our starter sets are the best way to explore finishing salts, whether you are a veteran chef, or have never even heard of finishing salt before, or both! Our aim is to provide you with salts that are practical and salts that are playful, and some salts that are just plain startling.

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Product Features
  • Six different sea salts from around the world
  • Includes a guide with detailed explanations of each salt and suggested uses
  • Designed to introduce you to the wonderful world of finishing salts

Product Info

6 salts in 1oz (by vol.) tight-sealing tins

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