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Himalayan Salt Blocks, Plates, Slabs, Bricks, Bowls & Platters

Himalayan Pink Salt Blocks, Plates, Slabs, Bricks, Bowls & Platters

Himalayan salt plates offer a tasty, fun, and dramatic way to cook and serve food. All our Himalayan salt plates are carefully graded for quality to fit your needs. Each block also comes with an in-depth cooking guide, which provides guidelines for use and cleaning, as well as a variety of serving tips and recipe ideas.

Slice apples and watermelon and garnish with mint on a pink slab of Himalayan salt to make a refreshing snack or salad course. Arrange raw sushi-grade Ahi tuna with some cold rice noodles on a chilled Himalayan salt brick and watch the edges of the fish turn pale and firm as it actually cures on the table! Heat a block Himalayan salt on the stove or over the barbecue and grill thin slices of flank steak and shrimp for a delicately salty surf and turf the likes of which you’ve never eaten.

Even the simplest dishes take on a beautiful new dimension. Grill some fresh vegetables and serve them in a beautiful Himalayan salt dish, or pile the dish high with steamed rice and stir-fried baby vegetables. Warm a deep, heavy bowl of Himalayan salt over a low heat to 130 degrees and make a luscious salty-chocolate fondue for dipping strawberries and pretzels!

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Serving Food on Himalayan Salt Blocks

Using Himalayan salt blocks at cold room and room temperatures requires no special instructions. Just prepare and serve the food on a salt platter and serve. Keep in mind that the moister the foods the quick it will pick up saltiness from the pink salt block.

Cooking on Himalayan Salt in 6 Easy Steps

Heating Himalayan salt slabs requires following some basic steps. Allow between 30 to 45 minutes to achieve the desired cooking temperature. Your Himalayan salt plate will crackle slightly while heating, especially the first time, as micro-fissures appear, giving the pink salt the elasticity it needs to expand as it increases in temperature.

Heating will change the appearance of your Himalayan Salt plate, so if you are in love with your salt plate just the way it is, you may wish to buy a different block especially for heating and cooking. We offer Cookware and Tableware Grades of Himalayan salt plates so you can have a beautifully fractured Tableware Grade salt plate for serving at room temperature or chilled, and a structurally robust Cookware Grade salt plate for cooking on.

  1. Verify that the size and composition of your Himalayan Salt block is suitable for heating by consulting with The Meadow staff (toll free 888-388-4633 or submit a message). Generally, it needs to be at least 1.5" thick and free any deep fissures traversing the length or thickness of the block.
  2. Be sure the salt block is completely dry. If wet, allow to dry at least 14 hours in a warm, dry place before heating.
  3. For gas ranges, place your Himalayan Salt Block on the burner over low flame. (For electric ranges, place a metal spacer—such as wok ring or pastry tin with a removable bottom—on the stove so that the Himalayan Salt Block is at least 1/2 inch above the heating element.)
  4. After 20 minutes (allow more time for plates larger than 8" x 8" x 2"), increase heat to low-medium. After another 10 minutes, your salt plate will be hot enough to cook on. If extremely hot temperatures are desired, as for searing duck foie gras, or scallops increase flame to medium for another 15 minutes.
  5. Verify the plate is hot enough by flicking a drop of water on top and noting a brisk sizzle.
  6. Toss on the protein or vegetable of your choice. No seasoning necessary.

Important: Himalayan salt blocks take on a life of their own when you start using them (and sometimes even before then). While it might be nice for salt to offer all the stability of stainless steel, this is simply not the case. When heated, it will change color dramatically, and may develop fissures. It may also patina with use, taking on color from the proteins cooked on it. Don’t get upset by the behavior of your salt block. Salt is a complicated, wily, unpredictable substance. That is what gives it much of its charm.

Warning: Do not heat your Himalayan salt plate in the oven. This can damage your salt block and/or your oven. For special heating instructions for oven use, such as baking pizzas or breads, please contact us directly.

Premium vs Regular comparison of salt
The Himalayan salt brick on the left is the Cookware, the one on the right is the Tableware. The difference between the two is that the Tableware block has a very diverse mineral composition with lots of deep, very beautiful cracks running through it. The Cookware is more homogenous, and has only minor cracks, or none at all. The flaws in the Tableware grade indeed bring greater beauty to the Himalayan Salt, though they can reduce its durability when subjecting it to heat. If you do not plan on heating up your block, you are probably better off buying the Tableware.
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Tableware Salt Blocks Tableware Grade: These Himalayan salt blocks selected with natural beauty in mind. This are blocks for preparing, presenting or any other use where heating does not exceed 120°F (50°C). The idea choice for serving fruits and cheeses, curing some salmon gravlax, using as a butter dish, eating rice dishes, freezing ice cream, chilling guacamole, or presenting an unforgettable steak or tuna tartar!
Cookware Salt Blocks Cookware Grade: These Himalayan salt blocks selected for their structural integrity and uniformity. Our Cookware Himalayan salt plates can be heated to optimal cooking temperatures ranging from 400°F (200°C) to 550°F (290°C), depending on the recipe, and are rated for heating up to 700°F (370°C) or higher! Go with the Cookware Grade for seared scallops or flank steak, or fried eggs and bacon!
Wholesale & Retail Wholesale & Retail: We offer wholesale salt blocks to professional chefs and retailers. All our Himalayan salt blocks are available wholesale in assortments, by the case, or by the pallet. In addition to competitive pricing, we support our blocks with available on-site chef and wait staff training for restaurants, or sales and demonstration training for retailers. Call toll free 1-888-388-4633 for more information or to place an order.

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