Artisan Chocolate

Artisan Chocolate

The Meadow carries a huge selection of fine dark chocolate, milk chocolate, flavored chocolate, and salted chocolate bars.

Artisan chocolate is as complex, varied, magnificent, and stimulating as the finest wines of the world. Increasingly, it is even as expertly crafted. Exploring chocolate is as interesting and satisfying wine, cheese, bread. Chocolate finds its fullest expression as a chocolate bar. Chocolate bars are the ideal way to experience the wild yet innocent pleasures of chocolate.

We specialize in chocolate bars, and offer about 300 varieties from the most celebrated (and some of the most overlooked) chocolate makers in the world. The emphasis is on dark chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars, and flavored chocolates made by smaller companies that roast their own whole cacao beans and to make their chocolate bar. These bean to bar chocolate companies are creating the best chocolate, pioneering new flavors sensations and perfecting traditional ones. Check out our guide for how to eat a great chocolate.

We also can't resist combining our two favorite things, chocolate with sea salt.

We carry chocolate made by more than sixty different producers from around the world, including the United States, France, Italy, Grenada, Vietnam, Ecuador, Columbia, and Slovenia.
Peruse more than 300 chocolate bars. We carry dark chocolate, milk chocolate, salted chocolate, flavored chocolate, drinking chocolates, and more.
Salt brings out spectacular new dimensions of flavor in chocolate, and enhances existing ones with tact and grace.
Dark Chocolate is every bit as complex and satisfying as wine. It is the purest, most satisfying way to experience the flavor of chocolate itself.
Milk chocolate bars have come a long ways since we were kids. Today's best milk chocolates rival dark chocolate in quality. At the same time, milk chocolate has not lost sight of its original purpose--making chocolate accessible and enjoyable.
We carry dozens of dark chocolate bars and milk chocolate bars flavored with herbs, fruits, nuts, teas, liquors, pepper, and sea salt.

The oldest known use of cacao was as a drink. Morsels of dark chocolate melt into milk or water for a rich experience that's been experienced for hundreds of years, and possibly for thousands.

Bulk chocolate made for baking and cooking.

We carry everything from white chocolate to 100% dark chocolate. If there's a sweet spot for you, we've got it.