Classes on Gourmet Salt, Himalayan Salt Blocks, Chocolate

Classes at The Meadow

Explore the Gourmet Salt, Cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks, The Natural History of Chocolate, and other subject through classes at The Meadow. Periodically scheduled public classes and personally scheduled private classes are available. Classes change topic and format to reflect our interests and yours. We are also open to creating classes around subjects you recommend. Classes now include:

  • Introduction to Finishing with Salt
  • Cooking on Himalayan Salt Blocks
  • Cocktail Classes
  • The Fundamentals of Chocolate, from Cacao Tree to Chocolate Bar
  • Build Your Own0 Bitters

Classes last 1 1/2 hours, and can be arranged to include wine and snacks. 10 person minimum, starting at $25 per person.

For more information, call 503-288-4633, or contact us.

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