Around the World Collector Salt Set - 50 Gourmet Salts

Tour the world though salt, from the Celtic saline estuaries of France to the deep pure seas off Japan, from the ancient mines of Pakistan to the warm mineral springs of Peru.

The Meadow’s World Tour Salt Set includes 50 salts from around the world, each chosen as the finest example of salt making from its region and culinary tradition.

The set comes with our starter set guide to accompany you in your exploration of the powerful and intriguing ways finishing salts behaves on food to evoke new depths of flavor.  50 salts will be hand-chosen from among the salts listed below, and may include other salts from our shop.  We make every effort to assure that the Around the World Collector Set of 50 Salts includes the most distinctive, interesting, and delicious salt in the world.


The 50 gourmet finishing salts in the set may include:

Alaea Volcanic (coarse) Hawaiian sea salt
Aguni Koshin Odo Japanese sea salt
Amabito No Moshio Japanaese seaweed salt
Andes Mountain Rose (coarse) Bolivian rock salt
Antarctic sea salt
Atlantic Mesquite Smoked Maine sea salt
Bali Kechil Pyramid Balinese sea salt
Bali Taksu Pyramid Balinese sea salt
Bamboo Leaf Hawaiian sea salt
Barrique Chardonnay French sea salt
Bengal Blue Bangladesh sea salt
Black Diamond sea salt
Black Truffle infused sea salt
The Meadow Flake Salt
Fiore di Cervia Italian fleur de sel sea salt
Fleur de Sel de Camargue French sea salt
Fleur de Sel de l'Ile de Noirmoutier French sea salt
Flor de Sal de Manzanilla Mexican sea salt
Flor de Sal do Algarve Portuguese sea salt
Grigio di Cervia coarse Italian sea salt
Haleakala Ruby coarse Hawaiian sea salt
Halen Mon Silver Welsh flake sea salt
Halen Mon Gold oak smoked Welsh flake sea salt
Hawaiian Black Lava coarse Hawaiian sea salt
Himalayan Pink (fine) Pakistani rock salt
Iburi Jio Cherry cherrywood smoked Japanese sea salt
Jurassic (coarse) Utah quarried salt
Kala Namak (fine) Indian sulfuric rock salt
Kauai Guava Smoked Hawaiian sea salt

Korean Bamboo 1x roasted sea salt
Korean Bamboo 3x roasted sea salt
Korea Bay Gray coarse sea salt
Lemon Flake sea salt
Maboroshi Plum sea salt
Maine Apple Smoked sea salt
Maine Sea Salt
Maldon flake English sea salt
Maldon Smoked hardwood smoked flake sea salt
Marlborough Flakey New Zealand sea salt
Meadow Fleur de Sel
Murray Darling Australian pink flake sea salt
Pangasinan Star Philippine fleur de sel
Peruvian Warm Spring fleur de sel
Pinot sea salt
Popohaku Opal coarse Hawaiian sea salt
Ravida Italian sea salt
Red Alder Smoked Washington sea salt
Rosemary Flake sea salt
Saffron Salt
Sal Marina de Barcelona Spanish sea salt
Sel Gris de l'Ile de Noirmoutier coarse gray sea salt
Shinkai Deep Sea Japanese salt
Soy Salt Japanese salt
Sugar Maple Smoked Maine coarse sea salt
Taha'a Vanilla infused Welsh sea salt
Tidman's Natural Rock English sea salt
Trapani e Marsala Fine Sicilian sea salt
Turkish Black Pyramid Mediterranean flake sea salt
Vietnamese Pearl coarse sea sal t

*Please note that we reserve the right to substitute salts according to changes in our store inventory.


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Product Features
  • 50 gourmet finishing salts from around the world!
  • 1.2oz Spanish glass jars with cork stoppers
  • Comes with our informative salt guide

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Each salt somes packaged in one of our Spanish Glass Cork Jars (1.2oz by vol.).

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