Pinot Noir Salt

Our Pinot Noir salt is hand made in small batches from Willamette Valley pinot noir and pure, solar evaporated fleur de sel from Guatemala. This is a marriage of practical elegance: a beautiful and delicious sea salt imbued with the seductive aromatics and flavor of a excellent Oregon pinot noir.

Sprinkle on everything from maple-glazed coho salmon to paprika rubbed pork loin, from to braised lamb shank with sage to duck fat roasted winter root vegetables! Try it on the rim of a Martini! Pinch a few grains atop baklava or pistachio ice cream!

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Product Features
  • * actual color is slighly lighter than pictured

Product Ingredients

Salt, Pino Noir

Product Info

Product Weights:

Taster: 0.9 oz.:Small: 1.6 oz.; Medium: 6.3 oz.; Large: 9.4 oz.

Small Bag: 7.2 oz.; Large Bag: 32 oz.

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