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Bamboo Leaf Sea Salt

Bamboo Leaf Salt is a pure, hand-harvested Molokai sea salt to which bamboo leaf extract has been added. Molokai sea salt has 16% trace mineral content.

Certified organic, bamboo leaf extract is abundant in amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. It has been used by people in Southern China for thousands of years in teas as a health aid, research indicates that its use may account for the longevity of these people as well.

Bamboo Leaf salt adds delicate tea-leaf taste and aroma, jade-green color, a silky texture, and abundant health benefits. Use it with Asian cuisine such as stir-fry and soups, or on any pork, chicken, or beef dishes.

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Product Features
  • A blend of pure Molokai sea salt and bamboo leaf extract

Product Info

Product Weights:

Taster: 1.0 oz.:Small: 1.9 oz.; Medium: 7.3 oz.; Large: 11.3 oz.

Small Bag: 7.9 oz.; Large Bag: 32 oz.

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