Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glass

The trick to using Himalayan salt shot glasses well is to mix drinks designed for quick quaffing. Liquid dissolves salt quickly. If you let your shot sit for long, it will soon become unpalatable. But done right, the salt transforms drinks that benefit from a little salt.

Salt cups have amazing thermal properties that let them stay hot or cold far longer than glass. Freezing, refrigerating, or heating them before serving opens new doors for drink design.

These pink Himalayan salt shot glasses are a slightly different model than the ones photographed in Salt Block Cooking. The walls of the cup are a little thicker, and the lip is not as rounded. The overall result is a more rustic look and feel, which is accentuated by a more substantial heft in the hand.

What I really like about these salt shot glasses is that they last longer and are more durable than the thinner ones. Another cool thing is they have more thermal mass, so popping them in the freezer overnight gives you one incredibly frosty-salty cup for that tequila shot you’ve been looking forward to since Monday. Also, because they are thicker they are sturdier for warm-temperature drinks like salt cup Spanish Coffee!

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