Himalayan Salt Brick- 8x4x2 Inch Salt Block (Cookware)

This brick shaped Himalayan Salt Block is perhaps our most versatile shape:

  • It is inexpensive, making it a great starter block for those who want to try a hand preparing food on blocks of 600 million year old chucks of pink salt from Pakistan, or for professionals looking for an economical size.
  • The rectangular size means you can play around with how food is arranged on the salt brick, for a more dramatic visual presentation.
  • Likewise, weighing less means they are less massive and quicker to heat up, making them great for more spontaneous use or rapid service in restaurants.
  • Professionals take note:  When you are heating them up to cook on them, as is possible with the Cookware Grade Himalayan Salt Blocks, you can actually fit two on a single burner!  This is great for professionals who want to prepare multiple orders with limited burner space in the kitchen (and also great for the rest of us home cooks who don't have 8 burner Viking Stoves at our disposal when we are having friends over for dinner).

Our Cookware Himalayan Salt Blocks are hand picked and guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality. These Cookware salt blocks are the best choice to be used for cooking on directly.

Use and Maintenance Tips: Every Himalayan salt block we sell includes detailed instructions on how to use, clean, and care for your Himalayan salt block. Our Himalayan salt block instructions also offer a variety of ideas, some classic and easy, some novel and wild, that ensure you will not run out of things to do with your Himalayan salt block!

Three Cook Guarantee: The Meadow is the only company to offer a Three Cook Guarantee on all of its Cookware Grade Himalayan Salt Blocks. All salt blocks are natural products and will eventually break down from the stress on the crystal structure that heating to high temperatures causes. Our Cookware Grade blocks last for many uses, and those that break quickly usually do so during the first several uses as you "break in" your block. If your Himalayan Salt Block breaks within the first three uses, with proper heating and cleaning, we will replace your block for free.

Price: $18.00

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Product Features
  • 4x8x2 Inch Salt Brick
  • Beautiful translucent pink salt block
  • Professional grade himalayan salt
  • 5.5 lbs.

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