Himalayan Salt Platter - 8x16x2 Inch Salt Block (Tableware)

Our Tableware Himalayan Salt Blocks are great for presentation, or for serving and preparing food at cooled or room temperatures.

For the highest possible quality and for cooking on directly we suggest our Cookware Himalayan Salt Blocks.

This 8x16 extra massive size is the ultimate Himalayan Salt Block for serving on. A full two inches thick, this block brings dazzle and dramatic to every meal. They seem to exude a quiet, timeless intensity that effortlessly transforms every dish into something special.

  • Chefs love the ample real estate for arraying food in artful ways.
  • Chill this block in the freezer overnight and serve ice cream on top for a beautiful dessert with a delicate salty-sweet flavor.
  • Serve multiple people with a single pink salt plate.

Use and Maintenance Tips: Every Himalayan salt block we sell includes detailed instructions on how to use, clean, and care for your Himalayan salt block. Our Himalayan salt block instructions also offer a variety of ideas, some classic and easy, some novel and wild, that ensure you will not run out of things to do with your Himalayan salt block!

Price: $68.00

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Product Features
  • Extra large for greater flexibility
  • 100% natural with 84 trace minerals
  • Use this block as a serving platter for multiple people
  • 22 lbs.

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