Prague Powder No. 2 - Sel Rose Curing Salt

The sodium nitrate contained in Prague powder #2 is a time-release version of the sodium nitrite contained in Prague powder #1. It is essential for dry-cures because it works deep into meat to kill botulism. In the modern kitchen, Prague powder #2 replaces saltpeter, which is pure potassium nitrate. The sodium nitrate helps with conversion of food proteins to preserve flavor and color, and to provide better texture in cured meats.

Prague powder #2 contains 6.25 percent sodium nitrite, 4 percent sodium nitrate, and 89.75 refined sodium chloride. Half an ounce of Prague powder #2, with the amount of regular salt called for in a recipe, will cure 15 pounds of meat. Use to make hard salamis, prosciutto hams, and dried farmers sausages that do not require cooking, smoking, or refrigeration.

Alternate Name(s): Insta Cure No. 2, Slow Cure.

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Product Features
  • Curing Salt
  • The charutier's ultimate charcuterie curing salt.
  • The ultimate salt for curing meats. Use for all your curing recipes calling for curing salts.

Product Ingredients

Contains Sodium chloride, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, cochineal, natural red coloring, spices.

Product Info

Product Weights:

Taster: 1.1 oz.:Small: 1.8 oz.; Medium: 6.0 oz.; Large: 9.0 oz.

Small Bag: 7.8 oz.; Large Bag: 32 oz.

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