Ponape Black Pepper

Ponape pepper is grown exclusively on approximately 200 acres of arable farmland on a gentle slope between the volcano and the south lagoon, on the island of Pohnpei, Micronesia.

Ponape peppercorns are uniformly large and firm. The black pepper is midnight black with a warm nose and a full-mouth, layered taste; first bright and fruity, then resinous and very piquant. Ponape peppercorns are suitable at table, on an outdoor grill, on fruit, in soup or sauce or the thousand other places where really good pepper belongs. The super-premium, hand-sorted offerings should be used as a table condiment, as the additional value is mainly aesthetic.

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  • Fair Trade

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Taster: 0.6 oz.; Small: 1.2 oz.; Medium: 4.1 oz.; Large: 6.3 oz.

Small Bag: 4.7 oz.; Large Bag: 16 oz.

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