Guittard Nocturne - 91 % Pure Extra Dark Chocolate

Strung around the world along the equator, cacao growing regions lie in a "ring of fire" (anillo del fuego in Spanish).  We search this region to find the best cacao beans.  Then we painstakingly blend them to craft the ultimate blended chocolate flavors.

About E. Guittard:

E. Guittard is the artisan line of chocolates made by Guittard Chocolate Company. It is named to honor company founder, Etienne Guittard.  E. Guittard chocolates use only all natural ingredients, such as pure cane sugar, real vanilla beans and full cream milk in the case of milk chocolate. They are also free of any genetically modified ingredients (GMO Free).E. Guittard 2 oz chocolate bars are suitable for an individual serving and just big enough to share an ounce with a friend. They break easily into two 1-ounce squares, so they are perfect for baking too.

Price: $3.95

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Product Features
  • 91% Cocoa Content
  • 56.7g/2oz

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