Sel Gris de l'Île de Ré - French Gray Salt

Salts from l'Ile de Ré are made by a collection of independent producers working together in a cooperative. This sel gris makes a fine all-around cooking salt. Or use it as a finishing salt on steak, roasts, or on a baguette with a spread of unsalted butter. Like Sel Gris de Guérande, but slightly milder in taste, warmer briny aroma, half a shade lighter in color edging toward the color of clouds in autumn, and finer in texture.

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Product Features
  • Fine sea salt from the coast of France
  • Rich in flavor and minerals!

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Taster: 1.1 oz.; Small: 2.0 oz.; Medium: 6.9 oz.; Large: 10.4 oz.

Small Bag: 7.4 oz.; Large Bag: 40 oz.

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