Java Long Pepper & Mini Microplane Grater Combo

Java Long Pepper and Mini Microplane. Long pepper is a close relative of black pepper and has a similar taste, with a strong biting aftertaste. This pepper was an important spice in Europe before the European discovery of the New World.

Long pepper has sweet and fragrant aroma, contradicting its hot, lingering, and numbing taste. The pepper’s sweet and fragrant aroma contradicts its hot, lingering taste, making it a perfect accompaniment to spicy or exotic dishes such as Moroccan beef tagine or Indian chana masala, and excellent on seafood and salads. Use the mini microplane at your table as you would a regular grater; simply take a pepper berry out of your jar and use to the grater to shave a powder-fine finish of pepper (or salt!) onto any meal.

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Product Features
  • Comes with mini microplane grater
  • Pepper has a sweet and fragrant aroma

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Product Weights:

Small: 1.4 oz.; Medium: 4.6 oz.; Large: 6.8 oz.

Small Bag: 4.6 oz.; Large Bag 16 oz.

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