Prague Powder No. 1 - Sel Rose Curing Salt

A fine, dry salt colored with a small amount of red dye to alert us to the fact that it is designed for food processing, rather than general seasoning.

Prague Powder #1 is the key ingredient for many cured meats. It contains 6.25 percent sodium nitrite and about 92 percent sodium chloride. The sodium nitrate helps with conversion of food proteins to preserve flavor and color, and to provide better texture in cured meats. In a typical recipe, half an ounce of Prague powder #1, along with the additional amount of regular salt called for, will cure 15 pounds of meat.

This salt is used to cure meats that require cooking, smoking or canning. These foods, such as Bacon, Pate, hot dogs, and bologna, take upwards of a week to cure. It is also used in wet cures (brines).

Alternate names for this salt include pink curing salt, insta cure No. 1, sel rose, and quick cure.

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Product Features
  • Curing Salt
  • Consider incorporating botanicals and herbs like garlic, bay leaf, or juniper in your cure
  • A good all-around curing salt for charcuterie
  • Use for all your cured meats calling for curing salt or sel rose

Product Ingredients

Contains Sodium chloride, Sodium Nitrite, natural red coloring

Product Info

Product Weights:

Taster: 1.1 oz.:Small: 1.8 oz.; Medium: 6.0 oz.; Large: 9.0 oz.

Small Bag: 7.8 oz.; Large Bag: 32 oz.

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