• Amedei Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate

Amedei Porcelana 70% Dark Chocolate




This limited edition, single origin bar offers a delicate , yet nuanced profile contributed to the Porcelana cacao beans . Well-rounded with flavors caramel and toasted nuts and subtle notes of spice, smoke, and red wine that make this an harmonius and sophisticated chocolate.

Simply astonishing chocolate that accomplishes the miraculous: extraordinary levels, layers, quantities, and nuances of flavor that are so distinctive as to thrill the most uninformed palate, yet intensely sophisticated and pushing the boundaries of discernment for even the most sophisticated chocolate lover. Maybe none of that made any sense, but with the taste of Amedei Porcelana fresh in our mouths, what do you expect? It is the perfection of balance and harmony that lends this chocolate its indubitability.

From the Chocolate Maker:

The genetically pure and very rare "Porcelana" criollo bean, called this because of its translucent white color, results in a chocolate taste of exceptional clarity, 70% fondant. This bean goes far beyond the traditional notion of chocolate: it is an intense chocolate of great strength yet tantalizing delicacy, with a composition that imparts freshness, leaving the palate clean (and, we often find, desirous of more!). This is a highly complex and sophisticated chocolate, in which each individual will experience uniquely its flavor notes. These may include notes of light spice, a hint of dark smoke, and nuances of red wine. A true gourmet's chocolate. Produced in a limited edition by Amedei, with each bar hand-numbered. This is the first chocolate in the world made from cocoa beans from a single variety, Porcelana. It shows a special nutty, caramel flavor specific to Porcelana beans.

About Amedei

Amedei strives to bring forth the beautiful poetry and artistry that only the world's rarest and finest chocolates can achieve. Amedei is the synthesis of the best soil, cocoa genetics and raw materials; an exclusive craft-based production process, and the passion and creativity of true lovers of chocolate.