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Kamebishi Soy Salt



Soy Salt: Crispy, frothy, mild, savory, and suavely unassuming. Meaty and bready and sea-weedy and saucy at the same time. Soy salt is a totally new concept and creation--yet some how it sits squarely among the rare elemental ways to season fish, meat, vegetable, pasta--maybe just about anything. I'm not sure whether it is the texture or the flavor, or whether it is the innovativeness or the tradition behind it that compels.

Product Weights:

  • Taster Jar - 0.5oz/13g
  • Small Jar - 1.2oz/33g
  • Large Jar - 5.2oz/147g
  • 1lb Bag - 16oz/454g

Fatty, blue fin tuna grilled on applewood and drizzled with a Calvados reduction, then finished with soy salt... Turnips, carrots, parsnips, and wilted broccoli rabe infused with a lemon and maple dressing and finished with soy salt... Filet mignon rubbed with foie gras and shallots, then flash-seared on a Himalayan salt plate and topped with soy salt...

Kamebishi soy salt is reportedly the only company today in Japan that continues to use the time and labor intensive, 250 year-old koji preparation technique, called mushiro-koji. All other brewers, large and small, have switched to more modern or highly automated methods to convert the soy beans to allow for fermentation. The mushiro-koji method of soy processing layering koji mold-applied soy and wheat on layers of mats made from bamboo and rice straw. This is then placed in a temperature and humidity controlled room, where all handling is performed by experienced artisans. Fermentation process takes three years.